Sunday, October 4, 2009

Faith of a little child

Everyone who knows Katelyn knows how difficult it is for her to go to school. Her main problem is her fear at not being with me, or able to talk to me whenever she wants. A couple of weeks ago she went off to school and became very worried and stressed when she realized that she could not remember if she should go to ESS (after school care) or if she was supposed to meet me out front right when school ended. To us this may seem like such a little thing and nothing to worry about, but to Katelyn it is a matter of great concern. She shared her concern with her best friend, Brian Leavitt. Brian has been Katelyn's friend for three years now and is not only our neighbor, but his parents are both my visiting and home teacher. Brian, being of goodly parents, suggested to Katelyn that they say a prayer. Right there on the playground at school they folded their arms and reverently said a prayer. When the prayer was over, Brian felt inclined to tell Katelyn that he knew that before the end of the day, she would know what she was supposed to do.
Meanwhile, I am sitting in class completely unaware of the inward struggle of my baby girl. I suddenly had the impression that I should call the school and tell them to let Katelyn know that she should go to ESS. (this is not a regular thing for me to do...I have never called the school before and even had to call 411 to get the phone number)
Later that day when I went to pick the kids up from ESS, Kate came bounding out and gave me a huge hug exclaiming, "Mommy, Heavenly Father answered my prayer!" She then told me of her worries and what they did to subside her fears, how her friend Brian had suggested a prayer and then felt the spirit tell him what to say to Kate in order to comfort her. Tears immediately came to my eyes and I immediately felt gratitude for a loving Heavenly Father. My testimony was strengthened on the power of prayer and of Faith. I also see the importance of having good friends. And I am eternally grateful to a faithful little boy, who knew where to turn when help was needed.

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